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The Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park

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The park was created on April 1, 1993, it covers the area located in Międzyodrze between the Oder branching on the Eastern and Western Odra north of Widuchowa to the Forest Channel. The area of ​​the park is about 6009 ha. Together with the German National Park, Nationalpark Unteres Odertal forms the International Park of the Lower Oder Valley. The park has been headquartered since 2000 Gryfino. It is administratively located in the communes of Kołbaskowo, Gryfino and Widuchowa. The area of ​​the park includes fluviogenic peat bogs and wetlands crossed by a network of canals and oxbow lakes, with flora and fauna not seen in the valleys of other large European rivers. Due to the wet nature of the Park, this area has never been fully colonized by humans. The aforementioned network of oxbow lakes, canals, ditches and backwaters, whose total length is over 200 km, is of significant importance for the landscape of the Park area.


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