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Wolin National Park

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The Wolin National Park established in 1960 covers part of the largest Polish island - Wolin (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). The Park's special qualities are: the most beautiful section of the Polish cliff coast, well-preserved beech forests, the unique - island Świna delta, the coastal strip of Baltic waters. Until 1996, the Park covered an area of ​​4,844 ha, when it managed to include within its boundaries an area of ​​1 nautical mile of the coastal waters of the Baltic Sea, an archipelago of islands in the reverse delta of the Świna along with the surrounding waters of the Szczecinski Lagoon. Since then, the Wolin National Park has become the first marine park in Poland. The current area of ​​the Park is 10,937 ha, including forest ecosystems occupy 4,648.53 ha (42.50% of the Park area), water ecosystems 4,681.41 ha (42.80%) and non-forest terrestrial ecosystems 1,607.46 ha (14.70% ). Strict protection covers areas with a total area of ​​498.72 ha (4.56%).


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