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Drawski Landscape Park

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The Drawski Landscape Park is located in the eastern part of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Drawskie Lake District. The park area is characterized by young glacial sculptures - moraines, canyons, small rivers and numerous lakes, which are the biggest attraction of the area. Seven nature reserves have been designated in the Drawsko Landscape Park. Lobelia lake ("Czarnówek Lake" reserve), breeding grounds for water and marsh birds, peat bogs with rare moss refuges, and the most attractive landscape of the upper Drawa river with lakes surrounded by hills, covered with beech forest ("Dolina P five Jezior" reserve). The flora and fauna of the park are very rich; there are numerous protected species, including Pomeranian honeysuckle, Goldenhead lily and white-tailed eagle, red kite and lesser spotted eagle. The biggest attraction of the Park are definitely the lakes. There are 47 of them within Drawsko Landscape Park, and 30 in the buffer zone. The largest among them and the second deepest in Poland is Lake Drawsko. The lake owes its unusual shape to the activity of the glacier that shaped the entire Drawskie Lake District.


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